After you’ve hired your employees and run the initial background check, do you ever consider rescreening them? According to HireRight’s 10th Employment Screening Benchmark Screening Survey, 48% of employers do not re-screen their personnel after the initial hire. Screening your employees can keep your business and employees safe from potentially dangerous situations and save you time and money in the long run.

Here are some things to consider when making the decision to rescreen your employees.

Cost: Do a bit of price-shopping and see what packages each background check company can offer. Some have prices a la carte, and some provide packages based on your industry and what checks are mandatory or recommended. Depending on the volume of employees hired, as well as how many yearly screenings you do for current employees, you could save additional fees with a good volume-based package. Remember that the cost of having to deal with insurance and legal fees if something were to happen involving an employee will be much more than running a preliminary background check.

When presenting the new employee with their contract, be sure to state that you will perform yearly (or an alternate chosen time frame) background checks to ensure that they are meeting professional standards desired by the company. As the employer, you have the right to make sure your employees are not engaging in behavior that could negatively impact the business’s reputation, and more importantly, another employee’s safety. Make sure any policy regarding background checks align with any legal standards that you are required to disclose and have the company lawyer review it before making it official.

Depending on the company you choose to work with, turnaround time can range from 24 hours to one week. Every state goes about the collection of criminal records very differently, so be sure to ask potential background screeners how long it could take to procure the information you need. Some states are able to return clean records immediately, while others might take an extended period of time ensuring that the names submitted do or do not match the criminal records they found. Your company can save time and money by allowing for a reliable and credible background check company to handle any checks you need.

It’s the Law:
Depending on what industry you are in, there are companies that are required to run annual background screenings. Many transportation and healthcare businesses  are required to run background checks for insurance purposes. Some companies will have their background checks handled through their insurance company, and others are required to do it on their own and report the results back to the insurance provider. If required to report results back, make sure to ask about pricing options with your current background check company. They may offer a package price for all new hires as well as annual checks performed for your company.

A Promotion Gives Greater Responsibility and Access to Sensitive Information:
Out of the reported businesses that do rescreen, the majority do so when employees are promoted or change roles. .  When promoting an employee to a position of greater responsibility or expanded access to sensitive and confidential information, you should be running another background check. Ensure that everything is up to par and you’ll feel more secure when keeping employee information safe.


Keeping your employees and business safe from unpleasant circumstances can start with yearly background checks, and Background Check Express can help. Call us today at (815) 235-3807 ext. 102 to get started and keep your business safe!


By: Sarah Masa-Myers

Sources: HR Daily Advisor, HireRight