There are five different background checks that are used in today’s workforce. Background Check Express covers four out of the five checks. Our priority is to provide efficient and accurate results to these four types of screenings:


Reference Checks

This is one of the most common checks for backgrounds. A majority of the time, reference checks are a priority. This is a check to verify recent employers, or references on an application. This may include asking previous employers the applicants dates of employment as well.


Social Media & Internet Checks

If the applicants social media profiles are public, employers are able to view the information. Employers cannot ask for additional information, such as passwords to have access to their profiles.


Criminal Background Checks

Criminal background checks reveal any felony and misdemeanor convictions within the past seven years. These record checks can be found on the county, state, and federal level. Employers cannot ask for criminal records that are sealed, expunged, or pardoned.


Credit Checks

Credit checks provide a history of the applicant’s financial responsibility. This is usually used through a third-party company: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. These checks include verifying their name, address, previous names and addresses, public file information, debt load, and payment history.


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By: Kendahl Schlueter