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As 2017 comes to a close, our team at Stewart & Associates has taken time to reflect on the variety of industry resources we have provided you to help you and your business become more effective. Over the last 12 months, we have dug deep into topics such as background checks, civil process, information technology, and personal & professional development. Join us as we revisit our top blogs of 2017!  

How to Avoid Catching a Computer Virus

Just like anything in life, be cautious and smart when it comes to your computer. The best way to guard yourself from something is to educate yourself on it. In order to avoid catching a computer virus, you need to know what one is.

Visitor Management: How Safe is Your Building?

Managing building visitors can be a complex process. If you don’t have a visitor management procedure in place, consider implementing one so that your employees, customers and building as a whole will remain secure and protected.

7 Habits to Quit In Order to Be Successful

Have you ever thought “why am I not reaching my goals or successful in my job?” Don’t let those little things keep you from dreaming big. Quit these 7 bad habits, and in return, you will find success around every corner.

Goal Setting for Greatness [Infographic]

We often associate goal setting with the New Year, but goal setting is not a one-time occurrence! Markets change, sales fluctuate, and life happens. There is no better time than now to set new business goals.

3 Hacks for a Productive Morning

Simply because you say you’re not a morning person doesn’t mean you can’t become one. Give yourself the extra boost needed to get out of bed and make the day your own. These 3 hacks will empower you to be unbelievably productive in the morning!

The Pros to Becoming an Armed Security Guard

A common question we receive is: Is there a payoff to becoming an armed security guard versus being an unarmed security guard, or is it just a personal preference? Discover the pros of becoming an armed security guard right here!

Serving Someone at Work

Even though drama can be a normal occurrence in the workplace, being served civil papers at work is not a normal occurrence. Just like anything in life, there are pros and cons to having someone served while they are at work.

Combating Burnout at Work

Burnout from your job does not have to control your life. You can recover from this feeling. The first step in combating burnout is to acknowledge that you’re experiencing it. To continue healing, you can follow these steps.  

Hiring Lies: Lying on Your Resume is More Harmful Than You Would Think

How many of us have lied on our resume? Whether it’s expanding on our job duties or claiming we had a position higher than we really held, over 56% of hiring managers have caught lies on resumes. Those little lies on our resume can be more harmful than we think.

Keeping Your Employees Motivated

Keeping your employees motivated is an important component of your company’s culture. If you can feel your employees’ attitudes begin to shift, use one of these tactics to keep their motivation levels high!

Thank you for a great year, we cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store!


Compiled By: Rebecca Clausen