The summer season brings dangers of their own, especially when guards have to conduct outdoor building patrol in the sweltering heat. Take note of these tips to keep your guards safe in the heat.

Baseball Caps: If you don’t already, consider supplying your guards with two simple baseball caps to shade their face and provide protection from the sun. These caps could be issued with other gear, so they have the option to wear them throughout the year, or only be a seasonal add-on. Regardless of when they are issued, ensure that all guards have them if desired so that your team members are shielded from the heat when having to spend more time outside patrolling a building.

Allow Sunglasses:
For the security guards who are required to perform patrol outside of the building, allow sunglasses in order to protect their eyes. If you become concerned about certain styles being unprofessional or threatening towards individuals, make sure to establish clear guidelines with specific examples of what types of sunglasses can and cannot be worn. 

Water Bottles at Guard Posts:
You don’t need to provide water bottles for every day of the year, but consider putting some in a cooler for the guard post on exceptionally hot days. A guard could forget to bring their own or need some more water, and having it handy during days when it’s too hot to move will keep the team happy and hydrated. 

Have a Summer Emergency Plan: Summer doesn’t present the same weather hazards as winter, but it’s equally as important to ensure your guards know what steps they should take in a variety of situations. Severe thunderstorms, tornadoes or extreme heat waves could create dangerous situations, and every team member should be aware of the proper protocol for the building they are protecting, as well as what standards your company has set in to place.




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By: Sarah Masa-Myers