Security jobs come in many different forms. Typically when people think of security, it is very high level like the FBI or private security, but there are more levels to security than people realize. As the crime rates have increased along threats to businesses and people in government, the demand for jobs in security has also increased.

There are two broad categories for types of security guards: the ones you can see and the ones you can’t see. Both are equally important, and play specific roles in the safety of our everyday lives.

Public Security Guard:

This is the largest group of security guards. Usually these kinds of security jobs revolve around watching the premise of an establishment. Most guards will walk around and be on call in case of an emergency. They can be armed or unarmed, depending on the business who hired them. Most stores, shopping malls or resorts will have unarmed security guards. Resorts may vary based on their size and location. Colleges and Universities will have unarmed security guards, and their sole duty is to make sure that students and staff are safe. Banks and hospitals will often have armed guards.  

Access Control Guards:

Large plant bases or military bases will have armed security guards at the point of entrance. These could be policemen, but are typically hired security guards. They are mostly in charge of making sure that no one who doesn’t have permission can enter the base or plant. If there is a crisis within then they will be in charge of lock down on the premise.  

Valuable Items Security:

Have you ever gone to a museum or large charity event and have seen someone standing by or walking around a very valuable item? Those are security guards hired to protect and watch these specific items. These types of guards are shown in movies all the time like, Pink Panther, National Treasure or A Night In The Museum. The military also uses these kinds of guards to watch ship ports.

Network Security:

Most people do not think of this kind of job as security. These types of security guards go unseen. They watch computer network systems, to monitor what is going on behind the scenes. Large corporations, the government, and the military will hire cybersecurity to make sure that their systems and private information is secured and untouched.

Personal Security:

The final group of security guards are personal security guards. This is largely the FBI and personal body guards. They are typically hired to protect government officials, celebrities, major corporations’ CEO’s and important military personnel. This is the hardest type of security job to get. There is a lot of training, background checks and processes to get to this position. Typically for this type of position you would have a background in the military or a Criminal Justice major. As different as each role is, they are all important to our everyday life.  


By: Christa Vandenburgh