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Tis the season for seasonal hiring to go into full effect and many companies don’t perform background checks on their seasonal hires. So why should you make sure that you aren’t cutting corners with background checks? Employee theft and fraud increase exponentially during the holidays and while you might think that it’s for only a short time, the number can take a toll on your overall expenses.

Before internal theft becomes an issue, make sure you properly screen your candidates. The holidays are a time for a surge in generosity, and while you can give second chances to those who want to put their past behind them, be mindful of protecting your company and employees as well.

When considering hiring someone, look at someone as more than just a seasonal hire. Would you want this person working for you in a longer term? If you can’t see them in a full time position, whether they’re applying for one or not, they might not be the right fit for your company. Once they are hired as a seasonal employee they are representing you, and could influence current and future customers.

What’s their track record with seasonal employment? Sometimes people who have a full-time job will get a seasonal job so help supplement their holiday expenses. Jumping around from store to store each season could be a sign that something isn’t quite right. If they’re a first time hire, they might be thinking of starting as a seasonal employee but would put in extra hours here and there as needed.

Make sure you’re thorough and consistent when preparing for the seasonal employee rush; it will make your post-holidays much better.


By: Sarah Kessler