Renting can be an easy process or complicated process. Today it is very rare to find a landlord that will not run a background check on prospective tenants before agreeing to allow them to rent their property. To insure that both parties have an outstanding experience, keep these tips in mind.

What you should do as a tenant before your future landlord runs a background check on you:

  1. Run a credit and criminal background check on yourself prior to submitting your application. This allows you to see what your future tenant will see when they receive your background check. That way you can prepare yourself to answer any questions they may have.

  2. Make sure to provide accurate information, so that they are searching for the correct person. Not only does it reflect poorly on you when you provide inaccurate information about yourself, it also leaves room for error when running the background check.

  3. If you know you have prior offenses, gather all the paperwork you need to show that it was taken care of. Be very honest and straightforward with your potential landlord. If they feel that you are not trying to hide any information, it makes for a better relationship and builds trust.


What you should do as a landlord before you put your property up for rent:

1. Create a high quality online presence. How you market your property determines the type of tenants you will attract. Make sure your pictures are of good quality and your wording has no mistakes.

2. Make sure your application is thorough

  • Ask for any previous landlords’ contact information, and then contact them.
  • Request their last seven addresses (this will help indicate how many times they have moved).

3. Require a personality test

  • A personality test can not by any means tell you everything about a person, but it will be able to give you a good indication to what characteristics they possess.

Things to look for: Do they like to stay in or go out? Are they responsible? How do they interact with others?

4. Compile a list of solid questions to ask them in person

  • Do they have indoor or outdoor pets?
  • What is their job or occupation?
  • How long are they wanting to stay in the area?
  • How many vehicles do they have?
  • Do they have a lawn mower, outside tools, etc.? (this will help indicate how the outside of the property will be kept)

5. Require a background check and look for these things:

  • Credit history
  • Criminal background

A background check will not solve all the difficulties that may arise with renting, but it can eliminate a lot of the front end problems many landlords miss. Call Background Check Express today at 888-252-3282 to help you with all of your tenant background checks!


By: Christa Vandenburgh