Sometimes businesses wince at the idea of performing a background check. They begin the “What if” snowball effect, they worry about the costs and details, and having to do an extra step in the hiring process. This blog is going to point out all the pros of why being involved in a background check is a good thing!

Background checks increase applicant and new hire quality. You will begin to see improvement almost immediately once you start to put “background checks required” in the applications. It will also reduce workplace violence, which is the result of drugs, reckless behavior, theft, dishonesty, etc. They help protect against negligent hiring liabilities against your human resource department. Background checks also help in the reduction of employee turnover because you are starting to hire the most reliable employees. You will likely save time, money, and other resources when it comes to training new hires who have undergone a background check. If you were to hire the wrong employee and they begin to bash on your business on social media or even word of mouth, it can make a huge difference in your ability to attract quality candidates. Avoiding negative publicity makes a big difference in the business’s reputation. The bottom line, doing background checks will help your business be more successful right off the bat. Background checks can create a more profitable company and a well-rounded workforce community that will reflect on the businesses reputation positively. 

For those searching for an employer: employers who conduct careful background checks are usually better businesses to work for or to begin your professional career. The business is normally better managed, puts greater value on their employees than their profit margins, have safer work environments for their employees, and are more than willing to invest in their quality employees. 


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By Kendahl Schlueter