FAA Drone

Source: Wing.com

The moment is finally here! Rumors for the last couple years about drones delivering our packages directly to our doorstep as an airline is officially true.

Wing is the first company to be approved by the FAA, Federal Aviation Authority, to be considered an airline that delivers packages to your doorstep via drones. This status means they must follow the same regulations as chartered flights. These will allow them to travel longer distances and deliver cargo unlike other drone companies. They have only been approved to deliver packages in rural Virginia to test the system and will begin within the next few months.

In order for Wing to be certified, they had to prove that their drone deliveries were a lower risk operation and delivery service than those who are transporting deliveries via cars/trucks/etc. when it comes to pedestrian safety. Because of this, it will most likely become easier for more companies to gain approval to deliver packages and to become an airline in the future.

Wing is owned by Alphabet, Google’s parent company. Wing is going to be transporting food and medicine from local shops in the rural Virginia residential housing areas. They began with two launch partners, a local coffee shop and an ice cream shop.

Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority approved a home delivery by Wing earlier this April.

Keep a lookout for more drones flying around – there will be more coming in the future!


By: Kendahl Schlueter

Sources: BBC.com and Wing.com