Keeping your employees motivated is an important component of your company’s culture. Their attitude can set the tone for your office dynamic and it is necessary for them to grow and enjoy their jobs. Unfortunately, there isn’t one magical strategy that will motivate all your employees at once. Sometimes you have to think outside the box. If you can feel your employees’ attitudes begin to shift, use one of these tactics to keep their motivation levels high.

Support New Ideas

When employees approach you about a new idea, be supportive. Even if their new approach doesn’t work out in the end, you are still giving them a chance to run with the idea. The fact that they are coming to you with a new idea is a sign that they care and are willing to step out of the current process to suggest new options. This isn’t always easy to do.

Embrace Change

As a whole, your company needs to embrace change. Without change, it is hard to grow. Your team needs to continuously learn new skills to keep up with current trends. By giving employees the opportunities to grow their knowledge, you are giving them motivation to strive to be better. Remember: only embrace as much change as your company can handle, take small steps toward your larger goal!  

Celebrate Personal Milestones

Celebrations are fun and sometimes you need to add joy to your rather stressful work day. Celebrate your employees’ birthdays, work anniversaries, engagements, or any other life milestones. Celebrating these special events can help make the employees feel like your company cares about what is happening in both their personal and work lives.

Reward Accomplishments

Reward your employees for the hard work they are putting forth. This is one approach you can take to set goals for your team and encourage everyone to reach them. Rewarding your employees allows you to give credit where credit is due. Not sure what to use as an incentive for achieving goals? Monetary rewards typically seem to hit the spot!

Communicate Well & Often

Strive to be transparent about company policies and decisions. Have open conversations with your employees about company expectations and what the next steps are. Involve them in your decision making process. These decisions may directly impact them. If they have the opportunity to be involved in the decision then it can lead to a more positive acceptance of the final outcome. You want your team members to look forward to coming to work every day for more than just a paycheck, and how motivated they are to succeed plays a big factor into that.  

Other Ideas to Motivate Your Employees:

  • Start new traditions
  • Encourage a little friendly competition
  • Provide supportive leadership
  • Promote a pet-friendly environment
  • Be respectful and honest


By: Rebecca Clausen