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An Introduction to 5G

5G is about to be bigger, better, and the fastest technology advancement in history for both the consumer and the business world. There are three major benefits that come while operating under 5G.



The 5G is to be engineered to improve the speed of mobile devices dramatically along with wireless networks responsiveness. For example, one is able to download an entire full-length movie (say 2 hours) to their mobile device within minutes or less. Though, it’s important to take into consideration that 5G cannot operate alone; Wi-Fi 6 will be merged within the wireless technology. Wi-Fi 6 is meant for bigger operations with thousands of people: malls, airports, universities, restaurants, etc. Wi-Fi 5 is the most current Wi-Fi developed in 2014, it allows 1,300 megabits/second. Wi-Fi 6 was released 2019 and processes data 10,000-12,000 megabits/second. That is 30-40% data process improvement from the 2014 Wi-Fi 5. Majority of the time, people are streaming, downloading, and updating videos on their devices, which are considered to be high-volume data density that requires a strong data connection. Wi-Fi 6 will assist 5G to create speed and performance enhancement to the next level of wireless networks. Together with these two attributes, 5G and Wi-Fi 6, will work “more seamlessly and rapidly” when it comes to data-intensive results for the consumer and analytics for the business world.


Getting Connected

Connectivity is going to be more effective with this new technology. There will be more people, more devices, and more communication all at the same time. Remember, think big – airports, hotels, malls, conferences, etc. 5G has created small cell towers for mobiles that can be placed anywhere like light poles, rooftops, bridges, etc. The small cells are lower powered, which is more beneficial to your cell phone – more small cells, better performance. This also allows for less power consumption because these small cells can form a “web of broadcasting,” which means there will be less to no signal degradation.


Data Processing

The 5G’s ability to process and store more than ever before data the consumers have on their mobile devices that businesses and network industries to have in their systems. The data being taken in from mobile devices is going to be constant and never ending. This data will provide businesses everything they need to know about the consumer and more.


All in All

For the consumers, this means being able to connect more efficiently and be able to download, stream, and surf the mobile internet. For the businesses, this is going to bring the same speed, and connectivity, but also provide heavy and intense data from the consumers mobiles right to their servers for storage.


Keep an eye out for our next blog, The Dark Side 5G, which talks about the downsides of this new technology!


By: Kendahl Schlueter

Source: Cisco.com