Process servers have some of the best stories about their experiences in the field. We interviewed a few of our servers to see what some of their toughest and most interesting moments have been so far.


How long have you been a process server?

Server 1: Just over one year.

Server 2: I have been doing process serving for about 2 ½ years now.


What made you decide to start serving papers?

Server 1: It seemed interesting and the nature of the job made it a good fit for my schedule.

Server 2: I started serving process on the side to make extra income.


What’s the most interesting part of being a process server?

Server 1: Over the past year, I’ve met more than a few unique characters and have served papers in some interesting places including factories, former Army bases, nursing homes, farms and prisons.

Server 2: The most interesting aspect of process serving is that you’ll never know what you’re going to encounter.


What’s the craziest experience that has happened to you on the job?

Server 1: I had to serve papers in a town of less than 1,000 people. We went to the listed address only to find a residence that was obviously not occupied. Knowing that there was an avenue of the same name, versus the street address that was listed, we headed in that direction. We discovered that this was actually the address of the plaintiff in the lawsuit, and the papers we were attempting to serve were intended for one of her witnesses. She knew the correct address and happily provided us with directions.

We had difficulty locating the new address, which was very close to one of the town’s two bars. Seeing a couple of women exiting the bar, we asked for directions, and the women not only pointed out the residence, but knowing the subject, told us they were not home. Not only did they know the subject, but they told us where the subject was working, explicit directions on how to get there and a description of the subject and his vehicle as well. We thanked the ladies and, suspiciously, headed off in the provided direction.

We quickly located the work site and the subject’s vehicle exactly as the two ladies had described. In moments, we located the subject, who had already been called by the two ladies and told to expect us. On our way out of town, we drove by the bar again, and upon seeing the two women still outside, we stopped to again say thanks. What had, at one point, looked like an unproductive and fruitless serve attempt actually turned into a unique and entertaining experience.


Server 2: The craziest experience that has happened to me while serving was when an individual came rushing out of the door with a machete in his hands and his dog ready to attack. After he realized what I needed him for, he was very apologetic.


What’s the hardest,most frustrating part of the job?

Server 1: Just finding people at home. Most people are probably not trying to avoid a process server but, like everyone, they have lives and schedules that do not always mesh with ours.

Server 2: The most frustrating aspect of the job is when individuals try to evade or lie about who they are and/or deny their identity.



What are your craziest and most interesting stories from serving papers? Share them with us in the comments below!


By: Sarah Masa-Myers