It is difficult to begin a new job, but some helpful tips and tricks may be one of the easiest ways to learn.. If you are just beginning your new job as a process server, here are a few tips to put in your back pocket as you are going about your daily job tasks.


Ask The Neighbors!

Unless you are like me and are not the most social person on the block, most neighbors will have some sort of information about who is living next door to them. They may know when they leave and go to work, or if they are still living there. Be polite, ask around and see what you can find out.

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Social Media is Man’s Best Friend

There is no greater tool than social media. If you are able to do a little digging around for place of employment or pictures, that can help you find or identify your subject much easier. Depending on what social media tools are you using, you can also find vehicle information or confirm they are residing at the address in which you are attempting service.

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Are the Electric/Gas Meters On?

Do a little looking around to see what the meters say. If the house looks like it could be vacant, check the meters to confirm your suspicions.



Is There Gardening/Lawn Equipment/Children’s Toys in the Yard?

This may be painfully obvious, but are there any signs of recent activity in terms of lawn maintenance? Children’s toys strewn about the yard could lead to signs of someone living there. However, don’t automatically jump to conclusions because lack of lawn maintenance could still mean there are residents there.

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Make sure you are documenting these attempts on your work order and in your software with photos. Read more about process serving here: https://bwstewart.wordpress.com/


By Kendahl Schlueter