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Leaving a job is always difficult no matter if the reason is to find a better opportunity, a personal/family reason, moving to a new state, or just moving on from this job in general. It is common to have mixed feelings while leaving a job with employers and their employees. Because of these mixed feelings, it could be difficult into going to the next job you are looking to get hired into. Here are a few suggestions to help make a smooth transition of resigning your job.

Things to Do:

  • Draft a letter of resignation
  • Give notice at least two weeks in advance
  • Find out details on final paperwork and/or benefits you’re entitled to
  • Offer to help out in any way for training
  • Clean up your computer and office space

Things NOT to Do:

  • No negative writing
    • The struggles of the job
    • Difficult relationship(s) with other co-workers
    • The things you do not like about the company
  • No negative discussions about your company, boss or coworkers
  • No bragging about your new job
  • Don’t forget to say goodbye to co-workers and bosses


  1. Tell your boss – in person is best
    1. 2 weeks notice minimum

  2. Submit your resignation with HR

  3. Schedule your last day and plan out when your last paycheck will be

  4. Write a letter of resignation
    1. Keep it concise and one page typed
    2. Basic font style – Times New Roman, size 12
    3. Date of Resignation
    4. Thank them for opportunity
    5. Offer assistance to help transition or to train
    6. Thank them again
    7. Sign:“Sincerely,”

  5. Check for any unused vacation and/or sick pay

  6. Check for any benefits/health insurance that are available

  7. Transfer pensions/401k

  8. Ask for a reference(s)

  9. Seek out eligibility for unemployment – if needed

  10. Thank your co-workers and your boss, again.

By following this process, it will make it easier for you to move on in a positive and smooth transition from one job to the next. It will also help avoid any tension that comes with leaving your workplace. Keeping a positive and grateful attitude will make all the difference when it comes to leaving your job.

Best of luck in your job searches!

By Kendahl Schlueter