Security Guard Making Stop Gesture In Front Of Gate

You will often see security guards patrolling businesses and assisting law enforcement at public events, but they are also employed to assist in keeping gated communities safe. Having a guard present for day-to-day operations or during times of increased traffic can add an extra layer of security to any gated community. See how Stewart Security’s team can enhance the protection and safety of your community.

Man the Gate: When you consider security at any entry or exit points, a security guard can create extra protection for the residents. A desired security presence can be for any length of time during the day, during the week, weekend or holidays. When preparing to have a guard as an added component of your security team, you will also want to make sure that there is a guard shack for the security team. This will not only allow for protection against the weather, but can also offer a secure area to keep any information pertaining to visitors that residents are inviting to their home.  This can also act as an additional site for security monitors and spare keys to be locked and held if necessary.

Keep A Point of Contact: The association and security team should always have a member listed as an emergency point of contact. Not only does this provide another person to speak with regarding minor incidents, but can create a level of trust between the security guards and the residents when issues are addressed in a professional and timely manner.

If a resident detects a threat for any reason, establish one person to be notified, and make sure they speak with the security guard on duty. The guard will be able to help with procedures, log the details in their shift notes, and inform the rest of the team in the event of any future occurrences.

Consequences For Offenders: When incidents arise in which the safety of residents and guests is threatened, a security team can work quickly and efficiently with the association or law enforcement. The property manager or association should have daily communications with the security team to ensure that residents are following the rules. When situations arise where a resident or their guests are not following community rules, a guard can act as a gentle reminder. A trusting relationship between a guard and residents can ease the cumbersome task of informing the property manager of those who are not adhering to community policies.


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By: Sarah Masa-Myers