With the holiday season rolling in, many businesses choose to implement a seasonal security contract in order to prevent retail theft and keep employees and customers safe. According to Loss Prevention Media, the term shrink refers to the physical amount of inventory a business has, versus what records show a retailer has. Shoplifting accounted for 39% of reported shrink in 2015, and internal employee theft accounted for 35.8%. With numbers rising, more businesses are investing in security cameras and security guards to help reduce internal and external theft of merchandise.

Whether you’re considering hiring a security company full-time or only for the holiday season, be sure to have this information ready for your security consultation.

How many locations will need to be considered?

The number of locations that will require patrol services impacts the number of guards recommended, as well as the nature of the plan recommended. You should also consider how many points of entry and exit each location has, as well as any current emergency evacuation plans that are available for review.

When are you busiest? 

Some locations prefer to have security presence during their busiest season, while many businesses will continue with security through the entire year. A consultation with Stewart Security can offer recommendations for time frames and additional security needs according to the type of business maintained, industry standards, and hours of operation needed.

What, if any, corporate policy is set in place to assist with handling theft?

Knowing any corporate policies that are already in place can assist in further security measures for your place of business. Have a few “ground rules” about internal and external theft so the security team knows your priorities.

Does your store have security cameras already installed?

While this one might seem easy, it’s important to know where all security cameras are located. This can assist guards when they need additional visual evidence in case an incident occurs and can also assist in placing guards in areas where a security camera does not view.

Do you need assistance with reducing internal theft?

Internal theft is one of the biggest causes of retail theft, and when approached properly, security teams can assist in handling internal theft matters. With proper authorization and notification to employees, members of the management and security team can assist in end-of-shift checks for employees. A simple check at the end of each shift and before breaks could reduce theft and create a greater sense of security among the team.

Considering security on a short or long-term basis? Contact Stewart Security today to see how we can help protect your business, inside and out.

By: Sarah Masa-Myers