ISS_10434_00192.jpgHow many of us have lied on our resume? Whether it’s expanding on our job duties or claiming we had a position higher than we really held, over 56% of hiring managers have caught lies on resumes.

According to approximately 9% of background checks contained adverse record information concerning criminal history, credit, and driving records, When performing reference and credit verifications, it was also shown that 46% of verified sources revealed a discrepancy between their information and what was provided by candidates.

Now that employers are using search engines and social media to learn more about their potential candidates, professionals should be aware of what they say online regarding work and their employers. According to a survey conducted by EmployeeScreenIQ, half of employers said online searches revealing unprofessional criticism of a previous employer would disqualify candidates. Additionally, while confirming information on a resume, ¾ of employers said that they would choose to not hire a candidate if they spotted untruthfulness in a candidate’s electronic footprint.

Is lying on your resume ever okay? A few reasons that can justify small lies include citing metrics that you don’t know but have a good estimate about. Try to discover the most accurate details and go from there. Lying by omission is another situation that won’t necessarily hurt you. Depending on the extent and type of your work history, prior experience that doesn’t apply to the job you are seeking could be left out without repercussion, Focus on positions and abilities that are most applicable to the job you want to have and how they will enhance your resume.

Lie about what you want to accomplish. Make a goal for yourself that you will be motivated to accomplish. Don’t make this a “new year’s goal,” but a goal that you actually will accomplish. Whether it’s a new skillset or furthering your education, write it down and make it happen. Then your big lie will become a truth.

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By: Sarah Kessler