In the age of immediate gratification, process servers must be ahead of the game and working on having diligent and thorough serving attempts, whether it is number one or number four. Follow these quick tips to ensure you are gathering solid and helpful information for the client, which can assist them in further efforts if necessary.


Are there any vehicles? List any and all vehicles you find and note their make and model and the license plate information. This can show you are being thorough, as well as give some information to the client if they want to run the plates to find out who they belong to.


See What You Can Find: Peek inside the house and see what you can find! This is usually only suggested if you suspect the house is vacant and having a picture would assist in providing a vacancy affidavit to the client. Is there any furniture to suggest someone is living there or does it appear to be empty?


Go Look at the Electric/Gas Meters: Do a little looking around to see what the meter says. If the house looks like it could be vacant, check the meters to confirm a couple different times to confirm your suspicions.


Is the Yard Maintained Well? Children’s toys in the yard could indicate that someone is living there, or lack of lawn maintenance and a vacant house could mean no residents.


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By Kendahl Schlueter