It is important to know what civil process updates are occurring on both a state and local level. Illinois has recently made some changes at a state level when it comes to E-Filing. This in return is affecting how things are done at a local level. The serving process as a whole should now be easier than ever.

E-Filing in Illinois: What about It?

As court systems across the nation start to implement e-filing in their system, Illinois is making e-filing mandatory to ensure there are quick and easy ways for lawyers and pro-se filers to get their documents filed and ready for service.

On January 22, 2016, the Illinois Supreme Court entered Order M.R. 18368, which requires e-filing of civil cases in the Illinois Supreme, Appellate, and Circuit Courts. As of July 2017, the Supreme, Appellate, and 914 trial courts have adopted e-filing into their system.

Many process servers have offered traditional filing services for lawyers when they are farther from the courthouse than the server is. This allows for easy, stress-free filing and ensures the documents are filed right away after papers have been served or are in preparation to be served. Many process serving companies are now offering e-filing services so that the client can send the prepared documents and let them handle the rest. Process servers can file, serve the papers, and file the completed affidavit without the lawyers having to worry about if they will have it done in time.

Lawyers, Process Servers and individuals can register for any of the 9 service providers that best suit their needs, and view a variety of online tools in order to ensure papers are filed properly.

These updates are encouraging the utilization of process servers right in their areas. Do you live in Illinois, Wisconsin or Iowa and need papers served? Choose Stewart Civil Process, the premiere civil processors in the tri-state area! Here is why choosing our local business is best:

We Know the Area: When relying on someone to serve important documents, it always helps to have a process server who knows the area. We know where to go and what resources to use in order to further assist in finding the defendant. With servers living in the area, we can easily attempt service depending on when the defendant works, and even fit in a couple extra attempts if necessary without delay.

We’ve Got Connections:
We know who to talk to and can reach out to those we know in order to see if they can help us find your defendant. Our process servers will talk to neighbors, local business owners and do a little extra digging on various social media platforms in order to get your papers served.

Multiple Attempts Are Easy as Pie:
Because our servers live in their service areas, we can make multiple attempts in a reasonable amount of time. Our process servers are required to make their first attempt within 72 hours of receiving the documents, and then have seven days to complete the last three attempts. Attempts are made on weekends, in the morning, afternoon, and night in order to maximize the opportunity to reach the defendant.

With Small Business Saturday around the corner, always remember to shop local and rely on your local process server to be the best choice for the job! Still have questions? Learn more about Illinois E-filing visit or contact us at 815-235-3807.


By: Sarah Masa-Myers