Finding a trusted IT Specialist is not always easy. In an era where answers come by Google, knowing what is true and what is not can be hard to figure out. Three Rock Solutions IT Director, Adam Pudwill, weighs in his opinion of some industry specific frequently asked questions.

What news sources do you trust most when it comes to IT Security information?

  • “Most of the ones I tend to frequently reference are:,,,,, BleepingComputer, and SpiceWorks. “

What viruses should business owners be aware of?

  • “The major ones that we are seeing are the RansomWare variants, Malware Spyware/Adware, Botnets and KeyLoggers. We are also seeing a lot of viruses coming in via emails with links or attachments that infect upon opening.”

How often should a business update their computer system?

  • “Businesses should develop a “lifecycle management policy” and replace PC’s every 4-5 years on average. Servers should be replaced every 5-7 years on average. Of course, this can and will change based upon the different hardware and software needs for each company.”

What is your favorite system security product?

  • “My favorite product would be our Sophos Cloud Endpoint Protection. It combines Anti-Virus, Malware Protection, Real-Time Scanner, Web Control including filtering and blocking sites, Application Control, and Device Controls into one easy to manage suite accessible from anywhere.”

As an IT Security Specialist, what do you think of social networking sites?

  • “I think social networking sites are a great way to stay connected with friends and family and also provide a way to network and promote businesses and groups; however, I also believe that users should exercise caution when posting pictures, personal information, opinions, and locations due to the inherent risks and problems associated with sharing this kind of information on a public platform.”

What are the most common IT mistakes that you see people make that can be easily fixed?

  • “Lack of documentation, insufficient resources or hardware, poor employee tech training, inadequate backup plan, improper or lack of budgeting for infrastructure upgrades.”

What is your advice to people traveling and using their devices on public Wi-Fi (Airports, Hotels, etc.) over the holidays?

  • “Users should exercise caution when accessing any confidential or private information on a public wireless network. The biggest threat is that your data, traffic and identity could be exposed using a public network. All of this information could be compromised if the Wi-Fi connection is not secure.”

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By: Christa Vandenburgh