Google is much more than just a search engine. Most people know Google contains features like Drive, YouTube, and Maps, but how many of Google’s interesting features do most people not know about?

Some of the awesome things you can do with Google include:

Using Google as a Timer
Assume you’re doing a quick search while pasta is boiling; just set a timer in a new tab so it’ll remind you when to head back to the kitchen!



Local Weather Information
Simply search “weather” with no city name or boring details – Google takes care of that for you!

Image result for google weather


Going Back in Time
Let your older relatives use Google like they used it back in the day by searching “Google in 1998” or whatever year you prefer!

Image result for google in 1998

Searching with Quotations

Add quotation marks to your search terms to help narrow down the results!

Google Quotations

Pronouncing Long Numbers
Type in your number=English for the proper way to pronounce numbers!

Google Number.JPG

Getting the Exact Time of the Sunset

For the exact time of the sunset anywhere in the world search “sunset [location]” – this also works for finding the exact time of the sunrise!

Google Sunset.JPG

Finding the Time?

Find the time of anywhere in the world by searching “time [location]” – never have to guess the time somewhere again!

Google Time

Calculating Your Tip

Never question if you are giving the proper tip with using the tip calculator – you can even split the tip and total amount based on your number of guests!

Google Tip Calculator.JPG


What are your favorite Google hacks? Share them in the comments below!


By: Rebecca Clausen