We are all looking for some type of stability in their lives. A person who feels safe and secure would be considered stable. This feeling doesn’t just stop at being safe and secure at home, but also in the workplace. Here are five reasons to bring security into your office.


Thefts in Your Parking Lot

If there seems to be an increase of accidents in your parking lot, you should consider security. This could be any vehicle vandalism, grand theft auto, or breaking and entering of vehicles. Also if you have an increase of parking lot vandalism that would also be considered a sign for security needed.


High/Rising Crime in the Neighborhood

Be aware of the neighborhood where your place of business is located. Having the proper statistics of the location for where there is rising crime will be extremely helpful. The best place to find high crime areas in your city would be your local police department.


Rising Safety Incidents

If you are beginning to experience accidents, such as people continued to be injured, vehicles damaged, or any other property damage within or around the building, having a security guard will be a helpful tool to help eliminate some of these accidents. Security guards do not just guard the building, they are properly trained to be able to handle distressed situations. Having a security guard on the property, will see potential dangers within the building. They would have a better idea as to what seems to be out of place or does not seem to be working correctly, whether that is damage or any maintenance that would go awry.


Burglarized Building Incidents

Whether your office is in its own building or housed with other businesses, a burglary will affect every person in the surroundings. Burglaries are an unwanted intense and highly stressful situation that no one sees coming and especially does not want to be a part of. Security guards will be able to help prevent some of these situations because they are trained to see potential threats and provide solutions on how to create an effective site specific plan.


Insecure Building/Parking Lot

Security guards are highly recommended if there are no borders to your office/building. Borders defined as: walls, fences, or gates help prevent accidents and keep your employees and customers safe. Security guards can help protect those who enter the grounds and also help eliminate any vandalism to the property.


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By: Kendahl Schlueter

Sources: Trident-Security.com and Simplypsychology.org