Securing your business isn’t only important when you’re online. Having a security guard to maintain safety and security of your buildings and their tenants is an investment for years to come. Wondering if you need a security presence at your location? Consider these factors would make it beneficial for your company to have a security team.

  1. Your business is moving to a larger facility or multiple locations: There will always be a need for physical security presence on a location that is large and has multiple points of entry and exit. The more points of entry, the greater your chances are for having unwanted visitors. While having locked doors that require a FOB key may suffice for daytime, it is increasingly safer to have a security presence during nighttime and holiday times when employees are gone for extended periods of time.

  2. Your business handles sensitive information: If you run a business that handles a variety of sensitive and protected information, physical security can be that next step to keep all information safe. While most companies that handle secure information have industry standards to be in compliance with, physical security can further increase protection.

  3. Your business is located in an area with a rising crime rate: This issue isn’t always easy to handle, but if you’re located in an area where crime, vandalism and trespassing have become more frequent, it’s time to protect the business, your employees and your clients. Consider meeting with your local security firm to discuss the needs your business has and what additional features, such as security cameras and more outdoor lighting can be used to enhance  physical security.

  4. You have employees that start work early or leave work late: Employees who come in earlier or work later than most should be as safe as they do when leaving for lunch. In addition to guards enforcing a visitor management system, these guards can ensure that employees coming and going at odd hours are protected and feel secure at work.

  5. Your building houses multiple tenants: Even with only six tenants in your building, the presence of a security guard can allow for proper visitor management, and ensure that anyone who comes and goes is properly accounted for. This is especially important for businesses that require confidential information to be housed on their premises. When the work day is done, the security guards can ensure all doors are locked and confidential information is secure.


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By: Sarah Masa-Myers