New day

Simply because you say you’re not a morning person doesn’t mean you can’t become one. Give yourself the extra boost needed to get out of bed and make the day your own. These 3 hacks will empower you to be unbelievably productive in the morning:

Prepare the Night Before

Get a head start on the day before it has even started. Take a few minutes before you go to bed to accomplish tasks such as laying out your clothes, packing your briefcase so it’s waiting by the front door and setting the timer for the coffee pot. Thinking ahead saves you from running around in the morning so you can arrive to work on time feeling fresh, not rushed.

Don’t Open Your Email Till Noon

We often get sucked into the technology vortex as soon as our alarms go off. Checking your email first thing in the morning makes you react to other people’s agendas and not your own. You have to do what’s important to you rather that what’s “urgent” to others. Did you know that the average person checks their email 77 times a day!? Those emails can wait a few hours while you are getting your top priorities accomplished.  

Tackle your big projects first

Start your morning with a proactive approach by completing your big tasks before lunch. Getting that dreaded task over with can help you to most forward with your other work because the rest of the day will seem easy in comparison. Crossing things off your list early in the day sets the tone and gives you an added boost to continue accomplishing great things.


How do you start your mornings off right? Share your productivity tips in the comments below!

By: Rebecca Clausen