National holiday’s can be very exciting! For bigger holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving school is canceled and employees get to take off work. For holidays like Halloween, school and work still occur, but there may be a party filled with candy thrown into the daily activities.

As exciting and special as these holidays are, have you ever wondered how they came to be? Why is there a National Donut or Pizza Day? Who decided to make these holidays and why? Surprisingly National Boss Day wasn’t made in honor of a standout boss, but was made by one young lady’s love for a special family member.

National Boss Day officially began on October 16, 1962, but the concept of this day began four years earlier. Patricia Bays Haroski came up with the idea for National Boss Day in 1958. According to Time and Date, Haroski at the time was an employee at State Farm Insurance Company in Deerfield, Illinois. She decided to register National Boss Day with the United States Chamber of Commerce with the hopes of making it a national holiday. Haroski decided on October 16, because that was her father’s birthday. Her goal with creating the holiday was to improve the relationship between employees and supervisors. National Boss Day is not only observed in the United States, but also in Australia, India and South Africa.

Wondering what you can do to make your boss feel special? Try one of these 5 celebration ideas.

Say “Happy Boss’s Day”

This may seem really obvious, but your boss may not even know it’s National Boss Day. A smile and cheerful greeting can go a long way. If they are not in the office or are traveling, give them a quick call to show them how thankful you are that they are your boss.

Get Them Their Favorite Lunch

A good lunch can make a long work day go much faster. If they can’t sneak away, order it in for them. If they can get away, surprise and treat them to lunch.

Decorate the Office

Get the whole team on board, and deck their office out. Balloons, their favorite snacks and a card are easy but effective gifts. Start their day off right by showing them how loved they are.

Give Awards

If your company has multiple bosses give awards with little prizes, that way everyone is involved. Take a 10 minute break during the day and have treats and then hand out the awards. Best dressed, who drinks the most coffee and funniest jokes are all great award categories.  

Have An After Work Celebration

If taking time out of the work day will be hard for your boss, make plans for an after work celebration. Go somewhere local, eat, drink and share your favorite things about your boss.

Having fun at work is not illegal. Find what would mean the most to your boss and make it happen. If you have any suggestions on good National Boss Day gifts or celebration ideas comment below!


By: Christa Vandenburgh